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Food in your garden waste bin

From 1 July 2020, residents will be able to include food scraps in their fortnightly garden waste bin. More information about this service will be available in the coming months. Read our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions about the food waste recycling program contact us on 9217 2170.

No. We cannot currently accept food waste in your garden waste bin until the service begins on 1 July 2020.

We just trialled a new waste collection service with a small number of residents who have a garden waste bin. The trial gathered important information over a three month period, including contamination rates. Information collected will now assist Council in implementing a user-friendly service and provide residents with information and education needed to roll out a full service, for all residents with garden bins. We are currently in the planning stage, rolling out the service as of July 2020.

  • It will reduce the amount of organic material (food scraps and garden waste) entering landfill - saving landfill space and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It will reduce the amount of waste that goes into your garbage bin.
  • It will produce a quality compost product.
  • It will save money on rising landfill costs.

Yes, your garden waste bin will continue to be emptied fortnightly on the same day.  

The food waste and organics material will be transported to SUEZ green waste facility Epping.


The food and garden waste will be mulched together by a professional composting facility, so it will be broken down via a natural process. It will then be available to purchase as a soil fertiliser.

Yes, you can opt in to have a garden waste bin for a small annual fee of $77. To order a garden waste bin, order online or call us on 9217 2170.

If you are a tenant, talk to your landlord, property manager or agent if you would like a garden waste bin. Your landlord will need to give their permission and contact us to order the bin.

Not at this stage. The annual collection service price will remain the same for the 2020/21 financial year.

We are paying for the extra cost of recycling food waste. So, although we will save money by not sending it to landfill, we will have to pay the processing costs on the food waste in the garden waste bin.


Yes, Council will supply a kitchen caddy and a roll of compostable bin liners for you to use.

If you already compost your food scraps at home, that’s great and we encourage you to continue.

A food and garden organics collection service allows you to easily dispose of a larger variety of food scraps and garden waste than you would be able to compost in a home composting system.  

It can also take organic material that does not easily break down or that needs to be chopped up into smaller pieces at home such as meat, fish, bones, corn cobs, fruit stones and watermelon skins.