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Glass recycling

It's time to rethink the way we recycle glass at home. A new 120 litre purple lidded bin will be delivered to all households soon.

All households in Victoria are required to have access to a glass recycling service by 2027, however the City of Whittlesea is committed to delivering improved recycling services as soon as possible. Our glass recycling service will be rolled out to all households in the second half of 2022. 


Below are answers to some of the questions you may have. Further information and details will be provided in the coming months.

Introducing a four-bin waste and recycling system is a requirement of the Victorian Government's Recycling Victoria Policy that will greatly improve the quality of recyclable materials collected and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. 

Glass bottles and jars need to be separated from other recyclables as glass frequently breaks during the recycling process, contaminating the paper and plastics it is mixed in with. 

Keeping glass separate will mean that the materials collected can be more effectively recycled into new glass products such as bottles and jars, and even used in construction as a road base.    

We are currently planning the roll out of the new glass bins and expect the new service to begin in the second half of 2022. 

Households will receive their new bin, and relevant information in the lead up to the commencement of this service. 

The new glass recycling bins will be 120lt - the same size as your garbage bin - and will have a purple lid.

We are still working on the final collection schedule, however we are planning for the glass recycling bin to be collected monthly. 

No. It is a Victorian Government requirement that all households have a glass recycling bin.

All households that currently have a Council provided rubbish and recycling bin will receive a glass recycling bin.  

You will be able to put the following items into your glass recycling bin:

Glass bottles and jars from food and drinks, including:

  • Soft drink, juice, water and milk bottles
  • Beer, wine and spirit bottles
  • Sauce, condiments and oil bottles and jars.

Glass bottles and jars from medicine and toiletries, including:

  • Medicine bottles
  • Vitamin and supplement bottles and jars
  • Bottles and jars from toiletry and cosmetic items such lotions, gels and creams. 

The following items can't go into the glass recycling bin:

  • Loose lids and caps from bottles and jars
  • Corks, pumps, sprays, droppers
  • Bottles and jars with non-glass items inside such as cigarette butts, food, liquids
  • Glass kitchenware, such as drinking glasses, crockery and ceramics, glass storage containers and glass cookware
  • Glass household items, such as vases, mirrors, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • Plastic bags or plastic packaging.